Making love with your ego
solo show

Aeroplastics Contemporary | Brussels
13.05.2016 - 25.06.2016

Last year, Filip Markiewicz invaded the Luxembourg Pavilion at the Venice Biennale with Paradiso Lussemburgo, a 'total art work' in which he presents a critical but nonetheless humorous portrait of the Grand Duchy which in 2014 gave a new president to the European Commission, without renouncing its enduring image of a tax haven. The exhibition addresses multiple aspects of this 'emblem', and includes a wholly new series of drawings of a markedly political bent.

Born in Luxembourg, of Polish origin, Filip Markiewicz studied in Strasbourg and resides in Hamburg, a journey that echoes his interests in the concepts of otherness, nationality and migratory flux, all issues that are today at the forefront of concerns for a European Union forced to question its foundations and its future.

Read full text by Pierre-Yves Desaive here