Disco Oslo Euro Zero
solo show

Akershus Kunstsenter | Lillestrøm - Oslo
17.09.2016 - 16.10.2016

curators: Rikke Kommissar, Tor Arne Samuelsen

Filip Markiewcz’ works span from installations consisting of meticulous drawings, via sculpture and video, to performance. Throughout his projects is a scrutinizing of today’s society, where the individual is contrasted with larger, overarching structures such as national and international politic, and capitalism.
Markiewicz assumes the role as a communicating observer, and the exhibition entitled Disco Oslo Euro Zero can thus be seen as both an exercise in self-criticism as well as empathy for the big, complex questions. In his works Markiewicz samples from a wide array of sources, among others the global news, history and art history, popular culture, and music. Several of the references will probably be well known to the audience, not least John Lennon’s well-known song Imagine – which also was point of departure in Markiewicz’ piece Manifesto. Inspired by the song he has expanded on its utopian contents. Statements such as “Imagine that a human body’s right to live in a country does not depend on another human body’s decision” seem utopian and easy, all the while communicating something about fundamental human rights in a world where they are not adhered. (...) Read full text here